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Available from 11:30am-3:00pm

Saturday 6/8 - Friday 6/14

Peruvian Chicken Bowl

Spring mixed greens with tomato, onion, grilling cheese, and marinated grilled chicken. Served with a side of Spanish rice and beans, roasted potatoes, creamy jalapeno sauce, and grilled pita bread. $13.95


Grilled Steak Wrap

Marinated sirloin steak, lettuce, tomato and corn pico de gallo, chipotle lime sour cream, and cheddar cheese in a grilled wrap. $12.95


Kickin’ Chicken Melt

Pickled brined fried chicken with grilled capicola, honey Dijon mustard, sweet vinegar slaw, and pepperjack cheese on Texas toast. $12.95


Southern Shrimp BLT

Southern fried buttermilk shrimp with lettuce, tomato, cajun remoulade, bacon, and pimento cheese on a toasted roll. $12.95



Fish Available on Friday only

Fish Sandwich w/side $10.95

Fish Platter w/ fries and Coleslaw $12.95



This week’s desserts by Franny

Mississippi Mud Pie – Oreo crust topped with gooey chocolate brownie, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream. $6.00


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